ASMR wallpaper

Brand Bien Fait

ASMR wallpaper by BIEN FAIT.

  • Colors: alpha (majority of blue) or omega (majority of green)
  • Sizes: W 240 x H 280 cm - Pack containing 4 strips of 60cm x H 280cm
  • also available in a bespoke creation
  • Non-woven wallpaper made from cellulose fibres and textiles
  • PVC-free and FSC-certified papers, printed with eco-labelled inks
  • Smooth, velvety surface, matt finish; spongeable


2-3 weeks

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More info

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it’s a deeply relaxing and comforting feeling usually triggered by specific sounds or visuals. You know that tingling sensation inside your brain when someone whispers quietly next to you or touches your hair? That’s ASMR. Well, those soft, gradient veils of colors, are a lot like that. They massage your brain with warmth and tickles and will make you a lot happier.