SOFT EDGE 10 chair black - black metal

Brand: Hay

229,00 €

SOFT EDGE 10 chair/ wood base de la marque HAY. Design : Iskos-Berlin

  • Materials : metal base
  • Colors : Oak matt lacquer, black stained oak
  • Dimensions : L 50 x W 54.5 x H 78 cm 

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The SOFT EDGE chair by Iskos-Berlin is a deeply-resolved piece of design, made possible by a harmonious intersection between designer, technology and manufacturer. It was created in the knowledge that there is no ultimate sitting posture, rather that our natural state is one of constant dynamic movement.

When we describe the aesthetics of the SOFT EDGE chair, Boris simply calls it " Skin and bones". He explains "It is a very light chair, there is really nothing, no meat. The way we bent three dimensionally, closing from all sides, gave us the possibility to make very thin items".



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