Since 2008, Muuto is striving to expand the Scandinavian design tradition with new and original perspectives. In fact, the name Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective. "To us good design starts with the person. We handpick the brightest design talent in Scandinavia and give them the freedom to express their individual story through everyday objects. How do they see a chair, vase, lamp or any other everyday product ?" You will know our design because it has muutos, representing the best of Scandinavian design today. Muuto, the young but already internationally successful design company, strives to add new chapters to the Scandinavian design history and put the region back in the lead on the international design scene. This gives the Muuto designs great diversity and character and further links them to the Nordic heritage – a heritage Muuto is proud of and that all the designers carry with them as part of their professional luggage”, says Muuto director Kristian Byrge. From the very beginning, the two founders of Muuto - Peter Bonnén and Kristian Byrge – were highly ambitious and strived to have their products represented in leading design shop all around the world. Today, just 7 years after the company was founded, Muuto’s collection of furniture, lighting and accessories is sold in more than 1000 of the World’s leading design shops on six continents. And more than 50 new designs have been launched from around 30 leading designers as TAF Architects, Norway Says, Anderssen & Voll, Lars Tornøe and Louise Campbell, all sharing Muuto’s ambition of reviving the proud Scandinavian design tradition.

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